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Minigolf for Good RB Sunrise Rotary

Shea Realty used a little imagination and a few dollars to really stand out of the crowd. It took them just 15 minutes to set this up!

Sponsoring a hole at a Mini Golf For Good event is the most cost-effective way to get quality face time with potential customers, grow your business, help a worthwhile cause, and get more value from your contribution to a charitable cause. Sponsors at Mini Golf For Good typically build their holes to suit their personalities. Folks can get VERY creative, and you never know until the day of the event just what you’re going to see on the course. Which is why:

  • A plumber may have you hit your ball into a toilet bowl
  • A realtor may have you hitting around a doll house
  • A magician may have you putting into a top hat

With just a little imagination, opportunities are endless. Constructing a hole can be as simple or as complex as you wish, and typically costs under $100.


If you’re not feeling very creative (or don’t have the time), the MGFG team can design and build a hole that matches your business’s personality, audience, and marketing objectives. We’ll interview you, ask lots of questions, and show you what’s going to be built for you before the work is done. You just show up the day of the event and talk to prospective customers. Plus you’ll get to take the hole home with you after the event, making it a perfect tool for engaging customers in your place of business and for use at future minigolf events. Custom-built holes typically start at $300, including all materials. Getting started is easy!


We have a number of mini golf holes already built that can be rented for the occasion. We’ll set it up and take it down for you for one low cost. You just show up the day of the event and talk to prospective customers.


Anne Gold Realty

Anne Gold Realty hired the MGFG Team to build a hole for her, putting her time to more profitable use.

You may even want to participate by sponsoring a hole for a local charitable group. You’d pay their sponsorship fee and they would create the hole and participate the day of the event. Your name would appear in signage and other marketing materials.


Since you’re going to be in the face of potential customers, you may want to have some special promotion or marketing materials (banners, brochures, etc.) ready the day of the event. Items that can complement your web site and tie in as part of your larger marketing and sales strategies. Turning your hole into an event within an event. We’ll show you how to make this fun day even more exciting and profitable. All you need to do is ask.

Whichever way you want your business represented, be sure to have someone there at the event to represent you and tell your story. Walk around and meet folks. And don’t forget to pick up a club and play the course. You’re guaranteed to have both a fun and profitable time.

Mini Golf for Good is a wonderful way to help the community, increase our organization’s visibility, and have fun…all at the same time. The Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary wasn’t about to miss an opportunity to do this again. Thanks for including us. Bob Davie

Rancho Bernardo Sunrise Rotary

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