How it Works

We understand the pain of fundraising!

  • Fundraising means asking strangers, or worse, friends, to give you money for your organization
  • Fundraising opens you up to the very real possibility that others will ask you for money too
  • Fundraising is unpleasant, causes great anxiety, and is typically left until the very last minute

Simply put, if none of your volunteers want to go out and ask for money, your group is in trouble.

WE GET IT! Each of us here at Mini Golf For Good has worked with non-profit groups that desperately needed money. We all hated the idea of fundraising too.

That’s why we fixed the problem, developing an enjoyable way to make more than a few quick bucks for your group with a strategy that energizes, excites, and produces…every time.


We’ll help you choose a date and a location that should work. Events are typically held six or more months out.


We’ll help you organize the event, addressing issues such as:

  • Administration
  • Concessions
  • Day-of-event requirements
  • Equipment
  • Financial oversight
  • Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Setup and cleanup
  • Silent auctions
  • Sponsorship sales
  • Strategic alliances
  • Volunteers

On the day of the event we’ll turn your location into a miniature golf course and help you make thousands from sponsors, attendees, and strategic partners. We’ll also help you find ways to potentially increase your donations and membership from participating community members.

Mini Golf for Good transformation

We provide sponsors with an inexpensive way of gaining quality face time with their potential customers. They’ll grow their business, help a worthwhile cause, and probably be ready to sign up with you again before the day is out.

Let us help you tee up greater success with your next non-profit fundraiser. Ask us how to use the fun of mini golf to generate some serious money.

I am excited to attend the event again this year and encourage all my business associates, clients, family and friends to join us there! Jon Shea

Shea Realty