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If you like fundraising, don’t waste your time here.

However, if you hate fundraising (like most of us do) then you’ve come to the right place!

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Valerie Brown

Director, 4 Community Solutions

See if this sounds familiar:

“My favorite non-profit DESPERATELY needs to raise more money. I like to donate my time,
but I’d prefer someone else do the fundraising!”

If this describes you, then please read on!

It’s a fact that most people don’t like to ask others for money. They would much rather leave it to the next guy to handle that unpleasant task.

But if the next guy feels the same way, then your group is in trouble. BIG trouble!!

Because the truth is whether you’re a member of a religious community, sports team, social or fraternal group, political campaign, or some other volunteer organization, you’ll need money to accomplish your goals, to survive, and to thrive.

Plus most groups tend to be insular, with the same people—members and volunteers—expected to give money or get it from someone else.

But if nobody wants to go out and raise it…well, your organization’s very survival can hang in the balance.

Enter Mini Golf For Good™ – a startlingly simple fundraising concept that’s fun, proven, and guaranteed to bring in outside dollars to your organization. We take a location of your choice (indoors or outdoors) and help you turn it into a miniature golf course for a day as a fundraiser. Sponsors use it as an incredibly effective way of connecting with the community at-large, supporting your cause, and marketing their business…all at once.

Mini Golf for GoodOur proven program is enjoyable, easy to manage, and provides a unique way to raise thousands for the same amount of work that typically goes into putting on a car wash or selling candy.

Take a minute to learn more about how we can help you. See how creative our sponsors have been.  Or get your own fun day of fundraising started now.

Because if you’re not going to enjoy the event, why bother doing it?